For rent!

Need to Hold/Reserve a house for 1-4 weeks?
This is the perfect way to hold or reserve a Red Doors house if you're unable to move in for several weeks or your holding a home that's not yet available. The money you put down as a "holding deposit" converts to become your security deposit once you sign the lease!
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From Applicant to Tenant in 4 Easy Steps!

  1. Complete our FREE online application. Click here: 

  2. If the application looks promising, we ask for proof of income (POI). This includes copies of your last couple pay stubs, alimony statements, SSI stubs, etc. Whatever verifies your total income.

  3. If POI looks good, you'll get email from TransUnion (credit bureau). Go ahead and  authorize/pay for the credit report, which is $30.

  4. At this point you may be approved.

  • Landlords usually look for gross income that's at least triple the rent amount.
  • Most of our tenants need first month, last month, and deposit to sign a lease.
  • In some cases, because of high-risk credit or very short length of employment, we may require 2nd to last month's rent also.
  • Tenants pay monthly rent and quarterly water bills via our website through a checking account or credit/debit card, or deposit the funds at any 5/3 Bank branch.